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  • Phone Number:  613 384 7511 ext 203. Toll free 1 888 548 8868
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Guidance Through Understanding

Don’s aim is to help you reach your financial goals, whether it be the noble sentiment of educating your children/grandchildren, or to help you accumulate wealth and keep more of what you earn, (if this is what you are also interested in)…to give you the freedom to enjoy your non-working years.

This is best achieved by listening to you, then Don can offer  ‘Guidance Through Understanding’.

He won’t know if he can help you until he has a chat with you. It begins with a free conversation at a time convenient for you.

We at Professional Investments, as an independent dealership, and Don as a qualified CFP, work with numerous independent Wealth Management Companies to provide you with investments that help you reach your goals.

We also work with all major Insurance Providers to help you protect your family.

Money can mean freedom…to enjoy the life you envision. Don specializes in long term successful business relationships.

He looks forward to meeting with you.

Please contact him for a conversation and a coffee…both free.


Award and achievements:

– Mutual Fund Licensed 1994

– Life Insurance Licensed 1996

– Certificate in Financial Planning 2000

– Licensed as CFP in Good Standing since 2001


A wee bit about Donald

Donald Neil McWilliam was born in a small Ontario town and has lived and worked in Kingston for the past 35 years,  living in the same neighbourhood since 1987.

He has a son and a daughter, whom he is most proud of. They are now busy blazing their own trail and working on their own career choices. They are his greatest achievement.

Don Neil considers himself fortunate to have always enjoyed the careers he has chosen, having worked with clients  and friends (in this business and only at this Firm, as a Certfied Financial Planner since 2001, (having been an Advisor from 1994-2001, also at Professional Investments),  and prior to this, in radio and TV broadcasting for 16 years.

In fact, it was when “Don Neil” was “on radio” that he, himself,  became a client of Professional Investments (1984) and it would be 10 years later (1994) that he would join Professional Investments, the firm that showed him how investing could benefit his family .

He loved the experience  so much that he wanted to “spread the word”, so he left radio, a career that he also loved, to tell other people about it.  Twenty years later, as a CFP, he is still doing just that. He is still very grateful to be able to do what he loves, and looks forward to “going to work” each day.  (Don has also managed his own investments for the past 20 years.)

Through his efforts and a reputation for outstanding service, he has built a solid base of satisfied clients over his 20 year career.

Trust (earned, not given) is the most important ingredient in his successful client relationships.  He works with clients with the view of developing a long-term relationship. In discussing his work philosophy, he believes the client is the most important element in the equation.

“If I look after my clients’ future, mine will look after itself.” he states.

Past personal achievements include, being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor and City Council of Kingston, for his dedicated service to the Community and to the Rideaucrest Home for the Aged.

He received the John Alexander Media Award (Honourable Mention) for excellence in broadcasting about multiple sclerosis and an MS exceptional achievement award for his outstanding efforts in the fight against MS.  He was also named Honourary Chairman for the annual MS Society Carnation Campaign.

Don Neil was also cited for being an active advocate for children’s mental health by doing volunteer work, and for chairing a public awareness initiative for the Sunnyside Children’s Centre in Kingston.

Outside of financial planning, Don’s interests are varied and wide-ranging, and include people, travelling, music (live and otherwise), swimming, long-distance walking (has walked the Camino de Santiago (through France, Spain and Portugal) twice, most recently in 2013), biking, downhill/cross-country skiing, reading, continuing education of all kinds, healthy choices, and Life!


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"Everything you can imagine is real."

Don Neil believes that if you work with a qualified, professional CFP (Certified Financial Planner), you will act with logic, not emotion.

It’s definitely acceptable to ‘have’ emotion, as long as the emotion does not dictate one’s behaviour, especially if it is the opposite of what your Financial Advisor is recommending.

Oftentimes, some investors do the exact opposite of what they should be doing, and this could be costly.

The recession of a few years ago is a good example of what one should NOT do when there is a “temporary” crisis (get rid of perfectly good investments, at the wrong time.) (funny how everything passes after some time.)

If you like, trust and feel that, what your Advisor is doing is a benefit to you…during the ‘good times’, then you should know that the same Advisor will not change his views during the ‘bad times.’ After all your Advisor is not to blame, and everyone, everywhere else is going through the same thing. In fact, real wealth is made during “temporary” down markets. (Wise investors buy low/sell high.)

When one  gets out of an investment, it is mostly acted upon due to the emotions involved.

Express those emotions to your (Financial Advisor), then let the professional guide you and filter out “the noise” for you, because if a reputable Advisor thought it wasn’t good advice, then it simply would not be given to you.

Most advisors I know do an amazing job for their clients.

Some core beliefs of Don’s:

  • Wealth ISN”T mostly determined by investment performance…but by investor behaviour.
  • The mortal enemy of investment success is fear, the key to making money in mutual funds is not getting scared out of them.
  • Fear has a greater hold on what humans do than does the incredible weight of historical evidence.
  • The real long-term risk…is NOT owning equities ( excellent businesses in a diversified portfolio, managed by professional money managers, the brains to your success.)
  • Over the long-term real wealth comes to, and abides with, the owners of great companies.
  • The most important ingredient on the road to success is the one thing that you control…your behaviour.

Call Don Neil McWilliam, talk to a CFP Professional today. Today’s decisions affect tomorrow’s destiny.

“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso