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Paul Fisher


Business Profile

I started my career in the fall of 1983. During those years I worked with my clients to help them achieve their personal financial goals. People's future goals are often unclear, investment scattered, and they may not understand how the many financial instruments are able to help them. I feel confident in providing clarity and success to the process of change, and the understanding of each client's portfolio.

Personal Profile

I have lived in the Kingston area since 1968. I am the second generation of the Fisher family to join professional investments after my father Ossie Fisher. who started the company in 1984. We are now a three-generation family company with my son Alex and Dylan that are also members of our team. I am a father of three in total with a beautiful marriage, that encompasses family values and a passion to help others which also is brought forth to the Professional Investments company with knowing we help others achieve their goals within there own family.


  • Professional Fincial Planning
  • Lite insurance
  • Critical Life Insurance for times in need
  • Estate Planning QQ.d the future


“Sooner or later, the market will do what it has to do to prove the majority wrong”

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