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Alan Spencer

Business Profile

Having been an advisor since 1986 I have had the great pleasure of guiding many families through the financial changes that occur over a life time. If you are starting out on life’s journey or winding your career down and retiring, I have the knowledge and experience to offer advice on an ever changing landscape.

Personal Profile

Originally from Montreal I have lived in Ottawa since a young boy. Having been raised by great Nova Scotians I know the value of family and loyalty to those you are responsible for and too. In that, having a severally handicapped sibling, who I and my family care for to this day, I know what commitment means.  I know what ‘being there’ really means.  And I know, that that commitment carries over to my client relationships. As I see it, you are loyal to those you work with, be it family or business, and other’s best interest is not a goal, it is a way of life.


I offer mutual funds, segregated funds, disability and life insurance products. That's the product list, but what I offer is far more than that. Stability that you can trust and count on. Being there when you need me! When circumstances change in life, as they do, you want someone who not only knows their product lines, but more importantly, knows you. If you are a client overseas and call at 2:00 a.m., surprisingly to some of them, I’ll answer the phone. When you call, I’ll be there.

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