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Rob Grypma


I grew up in rural Ontario and have always loved the outdoors. I have been around farms and worked on them most of my early life and some of it I even enjoyed. I think what I have learned most from that experience is that you always find a way to get the job done.

I took the business program at St Lawrence College and discovered I had a passion for accounting and finance. I know this field doesn’t sound overly exciting but when I discovered the magic of compound interest and the positive impact it would have on people’s lives, I was hooked. 

​I love the entrepreneurial spirit of people running their own businesses. Many of them are incredibly creative with a tremendous amount of drive and commitment to making their businesses work. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the founder of Professional Investments sometime ago.

​The best way to describe Ossie Fisher is that he is a very wise and modest man. He has such a passion for investing that he could speak about it for hours. He would talk about things that matter and seldom about the noise that we all seem to hear on daily basis. Ossie is now into his 90’s and would be very happy to know that his investment philosophy remains: Invest as though life will go on because there is a pretty good chance it will. Equally, it would be unwise to invest against that idea.

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