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Jon Leavens



When Albert Einstein was asked what he considered to be the greatest discovery of mankind , he replied “Compound Interest”.

In a world of seemingly endless change at breakneck speed, it is good to know that the basic rules still apply. Like Balance, Diversification, Good Management and Time to let them work. If you need an objective, informed and independent sounding board to set goals or challenge your assumptions, let’’s talk. The time spent will be a sound investment in the future .

Let 25 years experience in all aspects of financial planning benefit you. Independent access to products and services from most investment fund, insurance and trust companies is in your best interest. It’’s your call .

For Competence and Commitment  —  Let’’s Talk...

I can help you:

  • Objective Analysis of your existing Investment Portfolio or Insurance Safety Net.
  • Open-ended Discussion of Financial Goals , Objectives and Priorities
  • Tax-Efficient Saving , Investment and Giving Strategies
  • Estate Planning and Inter-Generational Wealth Transfers
  • Group Benefit , Incentive and Investment Programs
  • Evaluation of Wills and Powers of Attorne

Award and achievements:

  • The Canadian Securities Course
  • Registered Representative Exam
  • Partners and Directors Exam
  • Limited Market Dealer License  (All 1990)


  • Investment Options such as Investment Funds , Segregated Funds , Annuities and GICs.
  • RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, DPSPs, RDSPs and other acronyms
  • Term, Permanent and Universal Life Insurance Protection
  • Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care Coverage
  • Tax-efficient income strategies

Quotes from Clients

Well, enough of me talking about myself . . .  what do you think about me ?

We started seeing you for financial matters through our mutual relationships with Christian contacts. We have found you to be trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable and sometimes boggle our minds with details. You have certainly increased our earnings on investments and since we have both been retired since the 90’s, that has given us considerable time to invest and re-invest. You are always friendly, available and efficient and have even helped our daughter in her complex situation.
B&M  Kingston

Jon has been a phenomenal financial advisor to me for several years. He attends to my portfolio, tracks important economic influences and suggests adjustments when needed. He keeps me informed and is easily contacted when I have questions. He obviously enjoys his work and shares his enthusiasm with his clients. Jon handles difficult circumstances thoughtfully and offers supportive advice and counsel for life and retirement planning. He demonstrates true caring for his clients.
M.D. @ Ottawa

Jon Leavens has been our financial advisor since about 1993 . Our investments seemed to outperform the various indices that keep track of investment performance .Jon is very knowledgeable about the investing world and guided us through the last recession very well . Our son and family switched to Jon and are very happy with the results and the very quick response to any inquiries.
W & S @ PEC

After re-locating back to “The County” in 2007 , my wife and I decided to move our portfolios from a financial advisor with a large firm in Ottawa to someone local . We shortlisted a number of local advisors and had meetings with five . We chose Jon due to his broad insights and the comprehensive understanding of my own and my wife’s financial situation and future plans from a household point of view. As well, we appreciated his ability to explain complex financial issues in clear terms . Another key factor was that someone on his team at Professional Investments was able to complete our income taxes. This is important since there is great interaction between investment and tax planning. Jon even made some suggestions at our first meeting ( before we had even retained him ) which saved us thousands in taxes . Jon’s investment advice and results have been stellar so far . He meets with us face to face quarterly to brief us  on results and make any necessary adjustments in plans . We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for an expert Certified Financial Planner.
E & J @ PEC

My experience with Jon Leavens began when my mother, who was aging, asked me to sit in on her meeting with Jon to review her investments . At the time there was a recession and my partner and I were investing with an established company here in Kingston. We knew that the economy was not flourishing, and whenever we got a statement indicating that our investments had decreased in value,  we also received an attached post-it note advising us to stay the course.    My first surprise was that my mother’s investments has not decreased in value ; my second was the depth and detail that Jon provided in describing their performance . Following that meeting, my partner and I transferred our investments to Professional Investments.

Since that switch, Jon has provided us with excellent advice and guidance .He has listened to any concerns we had and remained sensitive to our comfort with risk . During the past few years, my partner and I have both received inheritances . Based on the investments that Jon recommended, we both had increases that exceeded our expectations . In fact, it is hard to believe based on the news and business reports . Jon recommended that my partner and I take out a line of credit in order to take advantage of investment opportunities . She did so and benefited greatly.

Jon has also recommended that we sell certain investments at times since they had grown more than anticipated and could decrease in value . We both trust Jon’s advice and follow it . Jon always  provides thorough explanations of our investments, He is patient and meticulous in explaining the details . He knows the level of risk we are comfortable with . It is always a pleasure to deal with Jon . He is a true gentleman.
Melaine @ Kingston

Several years ago we transferred substantial assets from a bank private client account and entrusted the sum to Jon’s management. It’s hard to imagine how we could have done better. He has provided us with a steady and sufficient  annual income and , at the same time, he has increased our asset pool significantly. Jon is attentive to our personal circumstances and he offers investment advice and tax planning efficiencies accordingly. We have enjoyed excellent returns and a high level of personal service. We appreciate the regular updates from Jon, conveniently at our home, and he is always available for personal consultation. Jon is very personable and easy to talk with and we are grateful for the close service relationship, outstanding performance and long term point of view that he has provided.
MS / PS Picton

Jon came with the house. We had met earlier in life and he was assisting the executors of the estate we were beneficiaries of. He listened to what was important to my wife and I and tailored an investment strategy that followed our somewhat unorthodox lifestyle wishes and not the norm offered by other industry professionals. He has served us very well with his advice and direction and we are now well established for a comfortable future. After many years we sold the house that had become our home but kept Jon.
T & L  Renfrew

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