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Barry Nabatian

Financial Advisor since 1997 at Professional Investments

I enjoy helping people plan their financial well being. Typically I meet with new clients, explain to them various types of investment incomes, discuss their short, medium, and long-term goals and objectives, opportunities, financial as well as emotional risk tolerance, and together develop an investment action plan. 

I then offer a brief description of my knowledge and experience with various fund companies, showing and explaining samples of fund fact sheets. I then invite them to ask me whatever questions they may have regarding investments, myself, and Professional Investments.

I regularly review the existing clients’ portfolios, call and/or meet with them to discuss their investment performance, and any other issues of interest to them. The development of mutual trust, and strict maintenance of client confidentiality are very important for me.

Personal Profile

I have a Bachelor Degree in Physics, and a Masters Degree in Economics. I am married and have three children. My wife and I love music, dance, theater, and volunteer at GCTC Theater, OrKidstra, and the Ottawa International Folkdance Club.

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