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Establish an annuity based on your cash flow needs and help optimize your tax planning and retirement needs.

Long Term Care

Protect yourself in the event you require on going long term care and are unable to work as you are accustomed to. Received a defined benefited of on going cash flow to help offset the costs of care and lost income.



Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance will help pay costs associated with a life altering illness. If you become sick with a life altering illness covered by your policy and survive the initial waiting period then you will receive a one time lump sum cash payment that you can decide you want you to spend.

Business Insurance

Protect your business with a policy that will provide you with peace of mind and limit your liability in many different scenarios.


GIF’s provide a guaranteed investment funds that offers a wide range of investment choices for our clients. They offer maturity and death benefit guarantees combined with resets to lock in gains from the market. GIF’s also allow you to define a beneficiary allowing your estate to bypass probate which will save you time and money.

Segregated Funds

Grow your long term savings with a segregated fund that provides you with a pool of investments in various securities, bonds, debentures and stocks. These funds often provide a maturity and death guarantee and can at times also provide potential creditor protection.

Group Health

Provide Health and Wellness benefits to your entire organizations. Our advisors will help you find the plan that suits your needs. Ranging from prescriptions coverage, to dental, and health and wellness programs.


Disability insurance is designed to protect you from possible loss of income from a serious accident or disability that be formed over time. Our policies provide guaranteed coverage and premiums in case of disability that effects your earning potential.


Receive piece of mind by establishing a life insurance policy that can provide a lump sum payment to your loved one or dependants in the event of your death. Ensure that that your children and any other dependants are protected. Provide the funds necessary to handle your final estate matters and more. Speak with an advisor today to find the best policy for your needs.


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