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I can help you with your Investment and Life Goals

Investments primarily through mutual funds but can offer custom life insurance investments called segregated funds for estate planning purposes.

Retirement planning, estate planning and education planning are important and should always be discussed in meetings (if required).

Good investment decisions, and sticking to those decisions, leads to success – I can help you with that.

CFP earned in 2001

“CFP” is a Chartered Financial Planner certification. This was a tough designation to earn and one I am happy to have received in 2001. The CFP designation ensures I know the  fundamentals involved in building a comprehensive financial plan for my clients, and ensures I am able to do this within high ethical standards. Most clients look for a planner with the CFP credential as the good standard of financial planning knowledge.

I bring this knowledge and ethics to all my clients.

What do I offer you?

Most of my clients say “Peace of Mind”.  I can help you with any financial issue you may have in your life – monthly budgeting, education and retirement saving, insurance and tax planning, and most anything in between.

Imagine saving for retirement and funding a child’s education with no more dollars added?  I can show you how.  It takes discipline but is entirely doable.

Imagine finding money in your budget for retirement when you thought there was no possible way – I can help you with that too.

Not knowing how much life insurance you need to cover you in case of death and properly provide for your family is a dangerous place to find yourself and can affect your peace of mind.  With term insurance, we can cover this very important need at a very reasonable cost – ask me how.

Making informed investment choices and staying with your investment strategy is very important to achieving your long-term goals. When you work with an advisor you trust, it’s easier to know which steps to take when. During the financial crisis many investors fled the stock market.  A good financial advisor will keep you invested and on track with your goals.  Down markets are buying opportunities that can actually get you to your goals faster – let me show you how.

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Need help with your income taxes?

I can do them for you for a reasonable cost.

Advisors can best help you with your overall goals and do it tax efficiently if we can see or do your income taxes. Handling all parts of your financial life affords you the best opportunity to make optimal use of your hard-earned dollars.