"We plan the creation, enjoyment and transfer of multi-generational wealth, for motivated people."

- Ossie Fisher, Founder Professional Investments (Kingston) Inc.

Founded in 1984 Professional Investments (Kingston) Inc. has grown to become a multi-dimensional financial services company with more than 40 representatives in 5 towns and cities in southeastern Ontario. Professional Investment’s core business is personal financial planning on behalf of clients throughout Ontario. Professional Investments offers insurance products as well as investment opportunities via dozens of mutual funds through a variety of mutual fund companies. As a corporation, Professional Investments (Kingston) Inc. is dedicated to generating consistently superior investment returns for its clients by investing wisely with a long-term focus. Philosophically, Professional Investments is committed to a strong working relationship between our clients and our skilled financial advisors who represent our company and who work directly with investors to establish and execute long-term personal financial plans with the aim of helping individuals build their financial independence.

Our Commitment to our Clients
The goal of Professional Investments (Kingston) Inc. and all of it’s representatives under this special umbrella remains the same – to provide personal, high quality choice of investments to all clients. To adhere to our choice of company logo, the scale, where goals must be realized between both agent and client. To a commitment to make the impossible a reality, regardless of personal sacrifice. Where long hours and hard work must show profit to both parties. Thus the partnership concept between advisor and client becomes a reality.

Disclaimer: Mutual funds are not guaranteed as to principal or return on investment. Your unit value and investment return will fluctuate. Important information is contained in the simplified prospectus, which should be read carefully before investing. Copies of the simplified prospectus are available from your financial advisor.